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How Great Thou Art
Posted Wednesday, 23 September 2009 at 20:59

I have tweeted this today, however, I want to blog it also, and even though I just know it will give all those left wing pro-choice on -line activists who have become almost obsessed with my position on abortion, life and everything the opportunity to say ha! We told you so.


I did a spot on the Jeremy Vine show today (he has the nicest politest researchers) and later in my car, I tuned in to hear the things people had to say about life and in true JV show form, everything.


The Bishop of Liverpool was on and I have to be totally honest, even though we have a mutual friend he really hasn’t always been my favourite Bishop - often coming across as slightly too political and not speaking out on matters Christan which are in fact political. It amazes me how quiet the Bishop's are on the big questions such as abortion, assisted dying etc.


During the show, he spoke of the welcome people experience when they return to a C of E church after having been away for a while, as the Cof E are having some sort of ‘give everyone a hug’ week this week. Apparently, not everyone is happy with how they are welcomed into C of E churches and this is an attempt to address this.


The Baptists do that 52/52 by the way, the welcome is a big part of Baptist worship.


He then said the following, which made me, as someone who has felt very much distant from the established church of late, think.


“When you walk into a church for the first time or after a time away, God is saying to you  - I have been waiting for this moment for all of your life” and the Bishop made me think, how great thou art.


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