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Posted Thursday, 3 December 2009 at 10:06


On Sunday morning I'm being collected by Channel 4 at 8am, and being delivered with a film crew to a tower block housing estate somewhere in London.

I have no idea what is happening, where I am going, or who I will be staying with - although I think I'm staying with a number of different people on various nights.

Upon arrival, my personal possessions, including my clothes, money and mobile phone, are being taken away.

Love productions, on behalf of C4, are providing the clothes I need when I arrive.

I know that problematic situations have been 'set up' but I don't know what they are. I'm there for a whole week.

Security will be with us the whole time, even when sleeping.

One of the objectives is for me to experience the problems that the residents have to face on a daily basis and for residents to challenge and get to know an MP.

The programme is being screened at prime time in February in four one hour programmes, one night after the other.

If I said I wasn't scared, I would be lying.

The unknown is always a little frightening and I know that two of the other three MPs who have been through this have faced some very alarming situations, which have justified the presence of the security firm.

However, I regard this as both a challenge and an honour. The irony surrounding the first pre-record interview, which took place last night just before I went to meet a friend at a restaurant, carrying a bag of Christmas presents, was not lost on me.

I will be swapping my ivory tower in Westminster for a tower block in London – the kind of accommodation that houses many thousands of people across the UK. These are people who may be in a constant state of being overwhelmed with the sheer scale of problems they face on a day-to-day basis.  

My objective for the week is to survive. To learn as much as I can. To leave something behind, even if it's only friendship.

I must not slip into the C4 trap of creating good TV. I'm only too aware that they will attempt to exhaust and challenge me in an attempt to provoke an adverse reaction which would look good on the telly.

That won't be easy, as being out of contact with the girls will be tricky on an emotional level to begin with.

And so I have to prepare. After tomorrow there will be no more blogs or Tweets from me until I return.

I've told my girls not to worry. The only violence likely to occur is if C4 try to prise my mascara wand out of my hand. Security will be necessary then! Big time.

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