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Posted Thursday, 17 December 2009 at 08:59

James Forsyth has written in the Spectator his own advice for David Cameron to ponder on over the Christmas break . I have the hugest respect for James, heir to Fraser Nelson and also a great journalist; however, I don't think he would need to look too far to see how easy it will be for David Cameron to do exactly as he suggests in the run up to a forthcoming election.

After five years of a Tory Government, David Cameron will leave the family in a far stronger position than he found it. Almost every problem facing society today can be traced back to the disintegration of the family unit and the chaos and problems that it creates.

All of the policies we have articulated from education, the economy, to marriage, in some way underpin the family and its importance within society. My guess would be that those policies, to be announced on a daily basis in January, will be rooted in what has already begun - a campaign to re-instate and protect the family at the heart of a decent British society.

With the problems facing our society today, I can't think of a better objective for any future Prime Minister or a more important and uniting message to wrap around each and every policy announcement.

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