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Posted Thursday, 18 March 2010 at 23:10

I have been pointed to this comment on Conservative Home by Christina Speight. Thank you Christina

Christina Speight said...

There's much more to this and the whole expenses witch-hunt than Tim says. The editor, (Lewis) the Political Editor (?) and the Sunday political editor (Hennessy) are all in the drinking school which included (includeS ?) Damian McBride, Charlie Whelan and the others! (The Eye ran a major Feature on this)

McBride libelled Nadine earlier and she took robust action ending in victory and compensation . They've all had it in for her ever since and keep stirring. She's come out of the whole expenses scandal clean as a whistle but these lefties hate her because she fights back. But in the Telegraph's inimitable way ANYBODY once mentioned is included in the generalised smear which lumps the innocent and the guilty with - today's phrase - " EMBROILED IN THE EXP{ENSES SCANDAL"

The biggest scandal has been the way the Telegraph mixes up the criminals with the foolish and the innocent in one fersterin g stew.

If it hadn't been for the excellent Business News I would have left long ago - but this is the last straw

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