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Posted Friday, 9 April 2010 at 16:04

Do you ever wonder what happens to the bottles you post through the bottle bank, or all the newspapers you put in the re-cycling bin?
Well wonder no more as I am here to tell you, chapter and verse.

Today I visited Lafarge Ashphalt in my constituency. Lafarge receive huge quantities of mineral and recycled products at their depot.
They then mix the products together, according to a contractor’s requirement (recipe), and then load up the trucks in a huge loading bay and send them on their way to deposit to whatever road or house building project they are delivering to.
It was interesting to see mountains of crushed wine bottles and mountains of pulped paper, all of which are being used to surface the new A421 in Bedfordshire.
What I found really fascinating today was that the noise-absorbent product, used to re-surface the motorway, has holes punctured across it's surface. This absorbs not only noise, but water as well. Therefore, if you are driving on a low noise resurfaced section of the motorway, you don’t have much water spray to contend with.
Now that is fascinating.

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