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Lib Dem Porkies and Clangers
Posted Thursday, 22 April 2010 at 15:28


In 2005 I polled 23,345 votes. The Liberal Democrats 11,990 and the Labour party 11,351.


This is the leaflet the Liberal Democrats are delivering on the doorstep. It has the usual Lib Dem lie ‘they can’t win here’ however, just look at the graph and then look at the figures above.


As well as telling porkies in my patch, they appear to be coupling mis truths with plain stupidity.


Above is a copy of a letter delivered to one of our villages.


The signature in unintelligible, it’s written on blue paper. No one really gets to the bottom on a political letter and therefore, everyone thinks it’s from me. I tend to ask people to judge me on my past record of achievement, not what I guess may crop up in the future, however, whatever! Thanks for the leaflet LibDems.


Top political journalists, Peter Oborne, writing in the Mail today, has singled out the Mid Beds Liberal Democrat campaign as one of the nastier ones, highlighting a web site which is full of personal innuendo, nasty personal attack and sheer fantasy.


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