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Posted Friday, 23 April 2010 at 10:07

I love the way James Chapman at the Daily Mail cuts through the political nonsense sometimes uttered by politicians.

Yesterday he saw straight through the foot stomping of Peter Mandleson, who complained bitterly about the negative press coverage given to Nick Clegg and referred to it as ‘Tory smears’.


As I was quoted, Peter Mandleson saw in Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats an opportunity to keep Gordon Brown in number 10 and Labour in power for another five years.


Yesterday, Mandleson saw that opportunity slipping from his grasp and what ensued was a petulant rage.


A politician at any level fully understands that there is no way you can tell a newspaper what to print or not to print, especially the Daily Mail. I love and hate that newspaper in equal measure!


The photo of David Kelly is a poignant reminder of the sheer inhumanity of this Government and how much it got wrong.


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