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Chilling Words
Posted Friday, 23 April 2010 at 12:05


Nick Wood has written sage, knowledgable, chilling words which should send shivers down the spine of anyone who thinks a hung Parliament in the form of a Lab/Lib alliance would not be a bad thing. Article posted on ConservativeHome. 

'The pound will be under pressure. Interest rates will rise. Stock markets and house prices will fall. The fragile recovery will be jeopardised. Firms will go bust and jobs will be lost. Living standards will fall. The deficit will loom over us like a permanent cloud of volcanic ash. Public spending will continue to race out of control. Welfare will remain unreformed. Taxes will rise, especially on the hard-working middle classes and the wealth creators. The City will take another hit. Europe will flex its muscles afresh. Troops fighting in the Afghan deserts will lack for leadership and support at home. Our international status as a nuclear power will be called into question. The trumpet will give out an uncertain note as Britain indeed becomes a second class power.'


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