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Posted Saturday, 24 April 2010 at 16:39
So, on Friday afternoon, I'm in Tescos, handing out leaflets and I get a call from a Sunday Newspaper asking to see my 2007 leaflet.
Yes, I kid you not, 2007. Bear in mind this is mid afternoon on a Friday which promises to be the first hot weekend of the year.
Knowing the person who produces my leaflets is about to slip away to a destination unnamed and that I have no idea who printed my 2007 leaflet and in addition to this I am barred from my Parliamentary office, not allowed access to the computers and everything from the last five years has been boxed up and archived, I was in a slight flummox.

The Sunday Newspaper in question, which is my favourite, hence my reluctance to cast a spell over it's entire reporting staff, were persistent. I had to find my signed off Westminster Report from 2007.

You try finding a three year old leaflet as a hot weekend beckons and no one is answering their phone. However, I have managed it. I now have sitting on my phone a photograph of said leaflet which I am having extreme trouble loading onto this blog. So, if you want to re-visit my passion for reducing the upper limit at which abortion takes place then log on in a while when I have located my blog man out of his rugby match and got him to help me load this picture.

Altenaltively, if any of my friendly bloggres out there can load it for me, could you call me?

Thanks Dizzy! Not so much fire up the Quattro as fire up the 3 yr old 10 min rule Bill!  and  2007 !
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