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Posted Thursday, 29 April 2010 at 16:30

When you are living out of the boot of your car and you have forgotten what a home cooked meal tastes like, keeping up with the daily blog slips somewhere down the list of priorities. My apologies.

As it is, I have just got back from another full day out on the doorstep, just in time to catch up with emails and then get back out to another public meeting.

The public meeting last night in Elstow was great and well attended. I hadn't really seen the full coverage of 'bigotgate' at that point, but I was soon filled in on all the gory details.

In 2005, the question most often raised by people was inheritance tax. In 2010, without doubt, it is immigration.

Gordon Brown was wrong to refer to an outspoken 'northern nana' as a bigot and Nick Clegg is wrong to think we should give 900,000 illegal immigrants amnesty. Neither of those head in the sand attitudes wash with the general public. They want an answer which is clear, that they can trust - above all else,  they want to be re-assured that there is a politician brave enough to tackle the problem in a way which stops the ever spiralling increase in numbers.

It took a 'northern nana' on her way to buy a loaf of bread that made it possible for me to write that. If I had written it a few days ago, the dogs of war would have been after my head.


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