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Posted Tuesday, 8 March 2011 at 11:59



As I predicted, those who wish to mis represent my position on abortion came out yesterday in an attempt to both discredit me and therefore undermine both the issue itself and the case of vulnerable women.

Having been challenged on my position regarding late abortion, I posted the following comment on Conservative Home (link on blog below). This morning it has been suggested that I post that comment on today’s blog in order to clarify my position on late termination.

However, before I do that, I will state that this amendment has nothing to do with reducing upper time limits, it is about protecting those women who do not do well as a result of the abortion process. I should also add that I am very grateful to the women in Bedfordshire and elsewhere who have shared their experiences with me.


Response comment from Con Home


Nadine Dorries MP said...

I am very happy to state that I believe a foetus at 20 weeks + gestation can feel pain.

I have heard the scientific evidence from the Dr whose research has saved the lives of thousands, if not millions, of babies who are operated in utero. If that were not enough, witnessing a 23+ baby convulsing in its mother’s womb, whilst being injected through the maternal abdomen via a cannular to administer a lethal injection directly into the baby heart, using an ultrasound scanner to ensure accuracy, left me in no doubt whatsoever. A baby sleeping soundly, suddenly, in a way which could only be described as distressing for the staff and the mother alike, thrashed its limbs about before the cannular found its spot, and then died shortly after. And by the way, the reason for administering the lethal injection before being chopped up using an instrument a bit like a very large soup spoon with a razor knife edge, inserted via the mothers vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus was to ensure that the baby was not delivered alive and the chopping up process was PAINLESS FOR THE FOETUS - just in case. A former risk and real catastrophe in post 20+ week abortions before someone thought of the injection and chopping method was the accidental live delivery of a baby intended to be aborted.

How much proof do sceptics need? I have never claimed a baby 'punched' it's way out of the womb - but I do believe that 24 weeks is far too late to abort when we have hospital SCBUs desperately saving lives from 21+ weeks and pumping resources into saving a little life in one room, whilst aborting a baby weeks older in the next.

Dr Tammy Downes may have been a Christian, but she didn't speak to girls about God, they weren't interested in that conversation when facing a crisis pregnancy - she just gave them a little time to think and some changed their mind.

The GMC recognised that the complaint was malicious and was thrown out.

I state again, I am not anti abortion. I am pro women and object to women being damaged via an inhumane process.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment, whatever your view.

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