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An Inappropriate Relationship?
Posted Tuesday, 29 March 2011 at 13:50

Early this morning I did a pre record interview with Ann Furedi from BPAS which went out on BBC R4 Woman's Hour. I have yet to access i-player to see if Woman's Hour broadcast everything Ann said, however, in the pre cut interview Ann declared herself to be the spokeswoman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Her announcement that she was speaking on behalf of the RCOG arose when the interviewer, Jane Garvey, stated that the RCOG had declined the invitation by Woman's Hour to comment on the accusations regarding the RCOG conduct in relation to the compilation of the draft guidelines for a woman seeking an abortion. Namely, that eleven members of the RCOG who earn their living wholly or partly from carrying out private abortions had drawn up the guidelines. Along with the two main abortion providers, BPAS and Marie Stopes. A bit like British American Tobacco providing guidance for smokers.

Embedded in the  guidelines, the report clearly states;

‘Women should be informed that most women who have abortions do not experience adverse psychological sequelae.’ 

During the interview Ann, revealed - after announcing that she was now answering on behalf of the RCOG - that the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are now holding back publication of their abortion guidance guidelines (due to be published in May) until the Royal College of Psychiatrists have completed their review into the association of abortion and mental health.


This step is tacit admission that the RCOG is not the right body to provide guidance on the mental health effects of abortion.  This step is completely at odds with the statement ..‘Women should be informed that most women who have abortions do not experience adverse psychological sequelae.’


By performing a u turn on this important statement the RCOG admit they are not the right organisation to provide guidance on the psychological effects of abortion.


The statement to hold back the publication of this report was made by Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of BPAS, the RCOG has made no public statement on this issue and there is no information in the public domain about it. The RCOG web site makes no comment. So how does Ann and BPAS know? Evidence of an inappropriate association?


“Ann Furedi is effectively the voice of the RCOG and has made a major announcement on its behalf.  It is extraordinary that she should be the effective spokesperson for this organisation when she makes her living out of promoting and providing abortion.  This further calls into question the credibility and independence of the RCOG and the guidance that this organisation has developed on abortion provision.”

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