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Order, Order
Posted Friday, 1 April 2011 at 23:00
I think it is ok for me to say that last week I stood down from the Health Select Committee.
This is because I have been invited by the Speaker to sit on the Chairman's Panel.

I will be chairing Westminster Hall debates, Public Bill Committees, and on occasion, the chair acts as a temporary chairman of the whole House. I think you need a few years under your belt to reach that level though!

I shall certainly relish the very first time I shout 'order order'. This is because for years, as a mother, I have been hysterically shouting words which have the same meaning and purpose, to just a handful of rowdy house inhabitants at a volume of around 140 decibels, but to no avail. When in full shouting throttle, I have seen medieval characters painted in pictures hung on my walls cover their ears and wince.

Yes , it will give me the hugest pleasure to shout 'order order' and to be obeyed... for the very first time, ever. 


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