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Posted Thursday, 5 May 2011 at 09:32
Today, along with all other MPs, I will be out on the campaign trail. I have had a number of emails to my blackberry which inform me that the liberal elite are mad that my TMRB won the vote yesterday. I also believe we have had some good news media coverage and will ask my office to post the links at the end of this post.

I respect the point of view of Labour MP Chris Bryant, who I have just finished a phone in with on Radio Ulster, however, I am not happy that his line of attack is that I want to place an emphasis on girls. I do. It's girls who get pregnant, girls who lose their education, girls who are left to bring up a child on benefits, girls who reach old age in poverty, girls who are subjected to a string of guesting fathers as they throw in the towel in a life of welfare misery, girls who seek abortion, girls who suffer the consequences of abortion, girls who are subjected to the increased medical risks of giving birth at a young age, girls who have little control over condom use, girls who are pressurised, girls who are targeted by lad mag marketing, it's seven year old girls Primark made alluring padded bikinis for, girls who are targeted by paedophiles....... 

I make no apology for standing up for our daughters and trying to introduce legislation which empowers, protects and gives them a position of safety to go to.

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