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The Vanessa Show and Lawrence Dallaglio
Posted Friday, 13 May 2011 at 09:25

Yesterday afternoon became one of the more pleasurable media experiences I've ever had.

I agreed to be a guest on the Vanessa show to talk about my Ten Minute Rule Bill which aims to ensure that, whilst young girls are being taught to apply a condom to a banana for the third time during their education at age 13, that they are also taught that it’s wise to say no to sex. Not least because it's illegal under the age of sixteen, but also because no contraception is 100% effective and a pregnancy at that young age, in most cases, robs a young girl of any of the opportunities life may have to offer in the future.

Of course, as I said in my speech, boys should be present too and be made aware of their responsibilities, but it’s the single mums who enter old age in poverty and girls the High Street aim it’s over sexualised marketing at - so the emphasis is on the girls because they need and deserve it. As an aside, the health risks to a young pregnant girl are also much higher.

The rugby hero Lawrence Dallaglio was also on the Vanessa Show launching his new family cookery book which, I have to say, looks fantastic with lots of really easy family recipes. Lawrence, a dad of three, is a big family man, a genetic inheritance from his Italian father.

During the filming it was fantastic that Vanessa, Lawrence and the studio guests were supportive of the bill. Vanessa asked 'aren't girls being taught to wait until you are in a stable relationship and in love?’

The answer is no. They are taught the mechanics of sex in school, but nothing more.

After the dissembling venom heaped upon me by the socialist elite press, it was heartening to be in a studio of 'normal' people. Vanessa and Lawrence may be 'stars' in their field, but they are both parents, both knew what they were talking about and both shared my concerns, that the invisible moral boundaries which were always in place within society - put in place by families, teachers and the church, are no longer present. There is nothing for teenagers to bounce off and it’s time to address that fact and start rebuilding the framework of right and wrong for teenagers to operate within.

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