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Posted Monday, 16 May 2011 at 12:30

A few years ago I hosted a day for disabled children at Woburn Safari Park for the disabled children in Mid Bedfordshire. We had an amazing day after what took months of organising and the employment of extra interns to cope with the whole lead up as well as the actual day.

The staff at the Safari Park were amazing.

On Friday, I visited the Turning Point, a project in Barton Le Clay and met again one of the young people who had attended the day.

I would like to begin by paying tribute to the staff at Turning Point and the centre manager who, with patience and kindness, have to deal with some of the most profound disabilities one can encounter in the caring profession. The centre had a lovely atmosphere with parents present and the jolliest, happy staff.

I was there for a reason though, to assess the impact of the changes to be made to the welfare reforms, particularly DLA and will now be taking the information back to the Minister for Disabled People on Tuesday evening.

If I can find enough help, I have also decided that we will repeat the day for Mid Bedfordshire’s disabled children as soon as possible if the Safari Park will be kind enough to close again for the afternoon and give us free reign and all of their workforce,  just like last time!

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