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Posted Wednesday, 18 May 2011 at 15:45

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Political Twitter is a sewer in which the left crawl, fester and cook up their nastier campaigns.


Apparently yesterday was another classic day of Nadine bashing. When I hear that, it’s music to my ears. If I'm trending on Twitter, which I have done a lot over the last few weeks, then it means the ideological left are really angry which generally means I have got it right.


I am not even going to comment on the ‘sickness’ of those people who yesterday manipulated my comments to attempt to make people believe that I think the victims of abuse should ‘just say no’. Victim blaming is always wrong and it is sick beyond belief that some people use party politics to manipulate such a false argument. The abused are never to blame, but those who would use their tragedies to score political points are.


I have noticed there is a pattern and yesterday was no different. A comment was selectively edited and presented out of context; this was taken up in a war cry on twitter and then magnified by the sophisticated tactic of re-tweeting and drawing in the poorly informed. To anyone whose awfully real and tragic history of abuse was manipulated yesterday for the political ends of my opponents, I am truly sorry for you. However, to the lady who eleven minutes later morphed into a man and emailed me with two heart rending but totally different stories from the same computer, I hope you don’t mind if we don’t take your emails too seriously?


I am grateful to Yasin who posted this blog yesterday which highlights the degree of distortion which takes place when the left are under threat.


Generally, however, I am delighted. My Ten Minute Rule Bill has gained huge public support. The phone calls following the Jeremy Vine show and the following numerous radio interviews, the audience comments and support on the Vanessa show, the emails and letters we have received in the office, the public polling, the current written and broadcast media interest all point to the fact that parents believe I am speaking out for them when no one has done so for a very long time. The media eventually get that and remember who watches their programmes and buys their papers.


Parents feel that the bombardment of sexual images and easy access to online porn, the availability of lads mags, the over sexualised adverts at bus stops and on the sides of buses, the incessant references to sex on prime time TV, the prodigious number of teenage magazines aimed at the very young which discuss sexual positions and techniques in graphic detail, the high street marketing and provocative perfume advertising billboards, to name just a few, all achieve one goal – the over sexualisation of our young people at too early an age.


And to Andrew Neil, who last Thursday used abusive and sexist references to me in order to desperately hold on to the viewers of This Week - throwing bits of rancid meat to the handful of left wing inhabitants of the Twitter sewer who watch his programme – I hope you don’t mind if I point out that you, sir, are an overweight, orange, toupee wearing has been, and whereas what you said about me isn’t true, that surely is?

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