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Posted Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 15:31

I am about to vote for a Government amendment as opposed to a motion bravely laid by back bench MP, Mark Reckless.

Now is not the time to fight Europe, it is time to pay off the deficit and restore our own economic stability. However, this amendment simply puts off the evil day when the vote to bail, or not to bail, will arrive. When that day comes, there will be only one way to vote.

I know that my constituents are struggling and feeling the pain of deficit reduction. I also know that they are opposed to bailing out the EU.

Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are all on their backs financially, it is not the place of the UK, to tip them back up. We need to head to growth as soon as is possible; we can’t do that if we are taking responsibility for every other failing country in the EU.

The EU dream is dead.  It’s over. The balloon has burst. There is no Eurosceptic scaremongering going on here, it’s a harsh light of day reality.

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