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A very Illiberal conspiracy
Posted Wednesday, 8 June 2011 at 12:26


On Monday night, Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy, called a secret meeting at a secret location (actually, not as secret as he thinks!) to discuss a strategy to ‘stop’ me.

Apparently, the problem is that I am too successful in nudging public opinion. The New Statesman reader’s poll which stated that 53% of its readers agreed that abstinence should be taught in schools has been found to be particularly irksome to the extreme left wing feminist, groups.

In the words of the song, ‘they ain’t seen nothing yet’.

In the meantime, Diane Abbott described the inclusion of the non-denominational charity ‘Life’ on the government's sexual health forum as a "dangerous’ move”.

Why would that be? Life is a charity which - amongst many other things - runs homes around the UK in which they look after women who are pregnant, but don’t want an abortion and who have nowhere to go and no one to support them. The charity does the most amazing work and a quick look at its web site will confirm the extent to which their knowledge and experience means they absolutely should be at the table.

A position that only abortion providers should sit around the table, is a truly dangerous point of view and one which is extremely harmful to women.

I like Diane very much indeed, but she really does need to move with the times. We are no longer chanting the ‘right on’ mantra of the elitist university graduates of the 1980’s. Real women, those who are not motivated by political ideology, want real choice and the last thirteen years just haven’t given them that.

All that is about to change.

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