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Tower Block of Commons Update
Posted Thursday, 9 June 2011 at 14:28


I thought I might post an update on Jonathan, the young man I lived with for a while on the South Acton Estate and who moved so many during the Tower Block of Commons TV series.


We have kept in touch since the series was filmed – the only anxious times having been when Jonathan has lost his phone!

He is an extraordinary young man who has an extremely challenging and enquiring mind. He has spurned all political parties and all religion, believing that political parties operate like gangs and that, in fact, the biggest party is made up of the majority of those people holding heart, home and soul together. People worried about paying the rent or feeding the kids.

I told him about my comment on yesterday’s blog and about Diane Abbott’s comments belonging only to the socialist, university educated, feminist elite and that the vast majority of people, especially women, don’t agree with her views.

Jonathan brought me a nice message of support from his sister who now has a baby daughter and is concerned about the type of over-sexualised society her daughter is to be raised in.

I am delighted to report he is in full time work, living at home with his parents whilst he gets back on his feet, planning his future and looking forward to attending his first ever festival this summer.

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