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My day in court..
Posted Sunday, 19 June 2011 at 12:31

I am very disappointed with the judge’s finding following the three day trial

of a case brought to court for on line harassment.

I myself am in the position, as noted by Guido, of being subjected to a particularly nasty form of online harassment. Mainly due to the fact that I campaign against late term abortion and for a more responsible society which allows our children to enjoy a childhood free from the influence of an over sexualised culture and for a more responsible approach to sex and relationship counselling. As an MP, I am entitled to hold those views and voice them, just as is an MP who considers that abortion should be available up to birth and neither should face the harassment I am subjected to.

 My especially ‘poorly compulsive obsessive’ online stalker recently alarmed the Police enough for them to issue a verbal warning on tape at the completion of a five hour interview under caution. Following the warning, his tweets and blogs have remained monitored, as are those of people he communicates with on a regular basis.  Everything is compiled to be discussed with the Police at regular intervals. There is a very substantive reason for this periodic review.

Frankly, I remain blissfully unaffected. I don’t ever read his ranting and never come into contact with anyone else in the constituency who does. I believe that to read his unrelenting utterances, allows a sliver of nastiness into my day that I just don’t need. But it does affect my staff, children, family and friends and the activists and helpers who work with me and I just can’t get my silver surfer Mum, who sits on her computer a great deal and who gets very upset,to understand that he is in fact a Mr Nobody. She thinks anyone with their own web site must be important.....except me of course.

 This particular man also harasses anyone he comes across who has any contact with me by bombarding them with emails, freedom of information requests and repetitive telephone calls.  He even travelled across the country, by train, laden down with cameras, computers and lights, into my constituency to a local meeting, pretending to be a local in order to film me and lied to the meeting organisers and the audience about what he was doing, until a Labour supporter ‘outed’him. The fact that he lied to the organisers about why he was there, who he was and what he was doing was recently confirmed to the Police. Also confirmed at the beginning of a You Tube video in which the chairwoman introduces him as a local man filming for the benefit of the local organisation.

He lies on the internet and repeats the same lies over and over in order to undermine my campaigns and my credibility. He fails miserably, unless of course he happens across a lazy journalist who repeats his lies. Occasionally, he gathers traction, notably with the storm he kicked up regarding my own blog. He wrote, and used Twitter to amplify the statement that my blog is 70% fiction 30% true. What he didn’t have was the whole statement or the context of that remark and indeed, he used it to pretend that my blog was instrumental in my having been cleared by the Standards Commissioner with regard to my expenses enquiry.

 The blog had nothing to do with the enquiry. I was totally exonerated and cleared following a malicious complaint (no prizes for guessing who that was) on the basis of a forensic analysis of my travel and expense receipts and via a deluge of witness statements.

He also lies that I claimed a foetus ‘punched’ its way out of the womb. I did not. He repeats this lie on a very regular basis and is the main focus of his obsessive interest in me.

If I mention on my blog where I am going or who I have been with, people can be inundated with emails or telephone calls from him which means I cannot be honest on my blog with regard to names, events and people because I have to protect the innocent from his harassment.  I was advised by the Met Police to obfuscate my blog because of this man, which then brought about the 70/30 blog statement problem which he exacerbated.

The majority of his followers on Twitter either aren’t very bright, or they are as disturbed as he is and I often wonder if they realise that what he states on his blog and Twitter is only part of the story.  I have never been informed that he has written ‘I phoned someone Nadine Dorries mentioned on her blog 30 times today’, or, I have sent a string of aggressive emails to X after being mentioned on Dorries blog’.

Therefore, I cannot mention on my blog where I am going, only where I have been and am very careful about photographing who I have seen or tagging or naming people on photographs. I don’t mention what people have said or who they work for.  I am careful about mentioning the names of anyone I am in contact with, where they live or where I am or what I am doing on any particular day, until the day is done.  I hardly mention anything, because I don’t want other people to be subjected to what Ed West, of the Daily Telegraph, describes as ‘deranged’ behaviour.

This online obsessive certainly appears deranged as the other people he harasses in a less public way than me will testify. My local newspaper editors and journalists are well aware of him and describe him as a ‘menace’ and much, much worse.  We need extra staff in my office to deal with the string of complaints lodged with the Information Commissioner and a host of other public bodies, all of which cost the tax payer money to investigate..this man obviously doesn’t work.

For the sake of the people who work for me (he has already forced one member of staff to resign) I am going to sit back as this man continues to hang himself and others that he encourages along with him, and wait for the day when I walk into my office and am greeted with a message that contains three little words... we have enough. Then, along with all the other people he has upset, disturbed, harassed, emailed and telephoned, I may just have my own day in court.

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