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Posted Thursday, 23 June 2011 at 11:55

Last Saturday was the 150th anniversary of Stondon Lower School in my constituency. The celebrations lasted all weekend, not least because there was so much to see. The school had uncovered a huge amount of old documentation and information and the celebrations were opened by an 82 year old lady, who had attended the school seventy-seven years ago.

By putting the word out in the village and via letters and email over the course of last year, information has been pouring in.

Looking around the displays I recognised various constituents, such as David Simpkins, who won a scholarship when at the school many moons ago. David was the second in four generations to attend the school. Much of the information gathered will now form part of an important archive to be added to in the future.

I have to say that the most fascinating display for me were the school log books from 100 + years ago. A daily diary kept by the headmistress recording the events of the day which recorded the life of the school, complete with beautiful bindings and locks. 

I am pictured with the head teacher: Mrs Jill Davies, thank you to whoever took the picture and to Jill (I have your umbrella in my car which will be returned on Friday).

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