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Behind the scenes at the BMA part II
Posted Monday, 27 June 2011 at 12:11

Tomorrow, a motion has been put before the BMA conference by the Worcester division of the BMA to reduce the upper limit at which abortion takes place (excluding foetal abnormalities).

I believe the motion is second on the order paper which means it will definitely be voted on.

Maybe the BMA will show that it is more responsive to expert opinion and the will of the general public than Parliament was when I put the same motion to the House in May 2008 and vote for the reduction?

Dr Peter Saunders has blogged on it here and has said everything I could.

The abortion issue is one which highlights how desperately out of touch Labour are with the general public. Diane Abbott, who I like, has been talking the language of the 1980's socialist, right on, university educated elite without even realising she has been talking to herself . There may be a few thousand activists who operate mainly on the internet or in the Guardian newsroom who agree with her however, of the 65 million people who live and work in this country, you would be hard pushed to finds those who don't think that aborting babies at 24 weeks is just plain wrong.

The response I have from people everywhere I go is overwhelmingly positive. From the left wing BBC presenters to the school gate to the pollsters.

This is because people know that hospitals will be trying to save the life of a baby born at 23 weeks in one hospital room and aborting one at 24 weeks in the next.

They know babies feel pain and respond to stimuli at 24 weeks and they know that if a healthy baby of 24 weeks were aborted alive it would stand a good chance of life. Remember, prem babies are born early because something was wrong.

Lets hope the BMA will vote the right way tomorrow. The way the public would want them to. Or are they just another left wing political organisation motivated by an out of touch dated ideology?

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