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The lies on the left
Posted Saturday, 2 July 2011 at 17:25

If the left can only put their argument regarding the plans to offer women seeking abortion independent counselling by telling the most outrageous lies, then it is a very revealing prism through which we view their actions.

If their argument is the right one, why can’t they tell the truth?

The Socialist Worker Party online put out this nonsense last week

The key lie being;

“Poverty tsar” for the government and Labour MP Frank Field, along with Tory Nadine Dorries, want to force women seeking abortions to have compulsory counselling.

I believe the same lie has been repeated by the Guardian at some stage.

I will say it again, the compulsion will be on the GP to offer counselling, the woman has no obligation to accept that offer.

The counselling would be available within days. Given that there is around a two week wait for an abortion, there would be no delay to accessing abortion. Counselling will be no more compulsory after the amendment is accepted than it is today. But it will be fairer and no organisation with any financial benefit from the decision a woman takes will be able to help her reach that decision.

I will make my intention clear again as reported in the Guardian this week.

"My intention is for vulnerable women to have access to the best possible care as quickly as possible. For counseling to be optional, independent and to present no delay whatsoever to the abortion process."

And as for Diane Abbott who is rapidly losing all credibility, she has stated that ‘women should be consulted before this change is made’.

The general public was consulted before my attempt to reduce the upper limit at which abortion takes place. They wanted the reduction. Labour women stopped it from happening. Since when have Labour listened to women or the public?

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