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Posted Sunday, 10 July 2011 at 10:12
A very funny story in the Sunday Times today about a meeting I had with the Minister, Ed Vaizey, and representatives from Google during which I wanted to know how to deal with some of the totally illegal, malicious and untrue information posted about me on the internet on varying sites and in various forms, mainly by pro-abortionists, given that the normal reporting process had failed.

The Sunday Times is behind the paywall and I'm not sure of the legality of copying onto my blog, I've done it once but don't want to risk my luck.

Here's some I have lifted..

 'Google said the MP had wanted to know how “illegal” content could be reported and insisted that the company had not stepped in to change the ranking of search results. '

“If an MP asks for a meeting I’m happy to facilitate that,” said Vaizey. “I said [to Google], ‘Would you meet Nadine Dorries to explain how search works?’ I would absolutely have done that for a Labour MP.”

The funny part is that I also had a very nice lunch over at Google, played in the totally amazing Google earth pod (which now goes under the ocean) and I think even posted a picture of it on my blog. The Sunday Times missed that!

However, what is interesting, is that in the week when the power of the fourth estate quietly slips back in through the doors of Parliament and into the hands of the democratically elected MPs the newspapers are full of 'anti MP' stories. Is this what the future holds?

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