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Posted Tuesday, 12 July 2011 at 12:39
I am awaiting something I have written to appear on Comment is Free and will link when it is up.

After a few very busy days, I will also have a very interesting blog to post shortly. However, in the meantime, the conversations in Parliament are fascinating with regard to hackgate and I have to say, the scenario is rather scary.

One MP has just told me that almost every tabloid political journalist of any note and a considerable number of Police will end up in prison and that this will make MPs expenses look like nothing by comparison. Buying a lampshade on a second home allowance doesn't really compare with illegally accessing the medical records of a poorly little boy or deleting messages from Milly Dowlers phone.

Cranmer has posted a blog today which highlights a report produced by the Information Commissioner that until now had been overlooked and lists the newspapers who had previously been identified as engaging in illegal activity.

I suppose if a Police officer sold information to one newspaper, he was just as likely to have sold it to another and will probably volunteer that information in return for a reduced sentence.

Will the media be as ruthless with themselves as they were with MPs I wonder?

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