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Posted Friday, 15 July 2011 at 10:10

Bedfordshire Police came to London this week to talk about the cuts and how Bedfordshire will be affected.

Bedfordshire has already been through a phase of re-structuring and the way it has been handled has been pretty impressive.

One of Bedfordshire’s main problems in the past in terms of cost has been its high rate of absenteeism, that has now been tackled and the figures are greatly improved.

However, a 20% cut will test the capability of those having to find and deliver the service in Beds to the limit.

When the country is paying £120 million per day in interest alone on the debt we inherited from Labour there is no alternative but to cut.

New technology will help. Police spend many wasted hours hanging around courts waiting for offenders who never turn up to give evidence. New video links in stations will mean an end this as officers will be able to give evidence directly to the court involving no travel or waiting.

I am confident that in Bedfordshire the cuts will be well managed and, overall, the government will reach its o objective to put 8,000 extra officers back onto the front line. However, I am, along with other Bedfordshire MPs, writing to Theresa May to request that, in light of the re-organisation Bedfordshire has already been through, she can take another look at our unique situation.

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