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Anyone who had a heart?
Posted Wednesday, 27 July 2011 at 16:00


We had a message into the office this morning. It read; “Is it true that the Sunday Times have sent that hideous woman who interviewed you and Sally Bercow, to Norway to cover the disaster? Are they mad?”

My first response of course was, why would I care? The ST can do what they like!

But the email also included a tweet taken from Camilla Long’s Twitter account, and then I got it.

'Morning of outrages. Queue-jumping woman first thing and now £6.30 for a fucking coffee'.

Can you imagine for one moment what would happen if an MP had written that Tweet upon landing in disaster struck Norway to cover the tragic loss of young lives? It would be a miracle if they survived the furore which would ensue.

Hello Norway, welcome to the charming Camilla Long, she’s come to interview your grieving parents, sisters, brothers..

Another Tweet states..I am DISGUSTED by intrusiveness of cameras on Utoya esp Sky News just now. Barely pixellated pictures of teenagers in bodybags = WRONG

Really? And what exactly would Camilla Long, Sunday Times journalist whose own speciality is blowing apart the reputations of well meaning individuals be doing in Norway then?  We are all pretty sickened by the media right now. I have been slightly shocked by the reaction of some of my constituents. I thought the reaction to Hack-Gate had been confined to the Westminster village. Not so. I have lost count of the people who have told me they will never again buy a paper with their hard earned cash.

Was it beyond the ability of the Sunday Times to send a compassionate journalist with some intellect? Who could have left the foul language and hypocrisy behind? Or even sent one who had a heart?

It would appear so.

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