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Posted Saturday, 6 August 2011 at 10:36

My interview with the Guardian is out today.

It  lasted and hour and covered a wide variety of subjects. It is fairly obvious that it was intended as a sting on my abortion views, given that this is just about all the interview covers.

As usual, I am compelled to correct a number of points, such as, if the financial package of the CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Ann Furedi,  isn’t circa £200,000, then I am sure she will come out and provide us with a breakdown of what her package is and refute my claim.

 After all, BPAS is a charity funded by tax payers money.  We do have a right to know. The interviewer’s defence of this point is weak to say the least and I am surprised that a Guardian journalist didn’t demand more transparency from BPAS when she contacted them.

The interviewer, Zoe, also states;

To return to those measures: moving guideline responsibility on abortions from the RCOG to Nice sounds fine, but validates the claim that the RCOG is motivated by profit and not female welfare, which I am amazed members are not more furious about. I'm also surprised they're not better defended in parliament, because it is a slur.

Well, Zoe, strangely enough, the reason why they aren't defended is because the claim I make regarding the RCOG committee which draws up the guidelines’ regarding abortion, are true.

I have been articulating these claims for four years now. Don’t you think that someone at the RCOG would have said something by now if they weren’t?

A bit like Furedi, you can’t claim that what I say isn’t true unless you are prepared to rebut my claims with facts. Which they don’t. They just fume and ask their friends in the media to diminish me as a person in order to undermine my claims. They play the woman not the ball.

Zoe, also failed to mention the small percentage of GPs who are members of the BMA, giving the impression that all GPs are members which they are not. But maybe I should have made that point clearer.

It would be too long a blog to fisk each point however, I suppose that given it was the Guardian and an attack on my abortion views and the unflattering photograph were obviously going to happen, I have to say, the interviewer played it pretty much down the  line. She hasn’t lied or been personally abusive.

Suzanne Moore and Camilla Long could do with reading and learn how a professional journalist conducts an interview, even when she disagrees with just about everything her subject says.

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