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Posted Saturday, 27 August 2011 at 22:47

Such a relief to read a cool, calm, appraisal of the proposal to offer women with a crisis pregnancy, independent counselling by Rob Mendick in the Sunday Telegraph. 

The comment by Ann Furedi, CEO of Bpas, that 'if her organisation was prevented from advising women about terminations it could be impossible to gain informed consent, as the independent counselling was not compulsory' is frankly, breathtaking.

Up until now we have had the pro-choicers creating the false impression that what we are proposing is compulsory. Outed as being outrageously deceitful, they now spin a reason why not being compulsory and a matter of choice is a bad thing. Not only that, they throw in a scare tactic in the form of a lie with an implied threat, ie, if a woman dares to take up the offer of being counselled by someone who has no financial interest in her ultimate decision, Bpas may not be able to carry out the abortion because they wont have informed consent.

That one comment and tactic by Ann Furedi, CEO of Bpas demonstrates how utterly reprehensible and money grabbing her organisation is, as the fear of losing revenue makes her resort to despicable measures, which includes issuing veiled threats to vulnerable women . If that comment weren't enough, you will hear a quote on one day that 20% of women who approach Bpas, decide not to abort and then at the next interview,15%, depending upon which figure suits. Ann Furedi will also trip of her tongue the fact that Bpas are the largest independent providers of abortion in the UK, whereas MSI, state that this is in fact incorrect and that they are. All this, from a woman who takes a financial package, including pension, car, expenses etc, paid for by the tax payer, circa £200,000 and yet refuses to be transparent and declare exactly how much tax payers money, our money, she is paid. Ann, if you are reading this, instead of bombarding my office with solicitors letters, paid for by the tax payer in your desperate attempt to silence me and prevent me from doing the job I am elected to do, why don't you just print on your web site a breakdown of your financial package?

 I suppose we should all be grateful. Ann Furedi, wife of Frank Furedi, humanist and founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party in her own way  endorses the reason why no woman in a crisis situation who needs to access unbiased advice, should be allowed anywhere near Bpas. If the woman at the top behaves in the manner Ann Furedi does, what kind of example does that set to all those who work in the rest of the organisation?

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