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Posted Monday, 29 August 2011 at 21:10

Debate on The World at One today, 19mins in

There is almost too much press to link to. Some of the commentators make remarkable assumptions based on almost no substance whatsoever. The Guardian is desperately trying to either paint me as, or link me to, some kind of religious fundamentalism.

 I’m not laughing; its way too serious to be funny.

However, as we are onto who supports who, maybe we should begin to ask more pertinent questions with regard to who funds the pro-choice campaign group, Abortion Rights.

It is in fact UNISON and a number of other unions. If I were a union member, I would be asking why that is appropriate or relevant?

What is the difference between religious ideology and political ideology?  Is one more distasteful and unacceptable than the other?

The Guardian appears to think I have a relationship with the Christian organisation, CARE. As it happens, I accept no funding or resources from anywhere. I have no association with CARE, as far as I am aware I have never even spoken to anyone from that organisation at any level, ever.

My campaign is run by me, nobody else. The pro-choice campaign is run by the unions.

I think it’s high time a few louder questions were asked about that.

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