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Posted Wednesday, 31 August 2011 at 23:45

For those who have read this in the Guardian


as has just been confirmed on Newsnight, Downing St has denied the story.

If Downing Street were going to do anything, does anyone seriously think they would give it to the Guardian first?

No, obviously, but Evan Harris would.

The truth behind the story is probably slightly more menacing, more menacing even than Evan Harris.

Bear in mind this amendment is to offer women the option of independent counselling, delivered not by the abortion provider, not by a religious organisation, but by one of the 36,000 BACP professional counsellors across the country who are prohibited at present from working with pregnant women.

It’s just an offer, they don’t have to accept it, however, those who have doubts and need help may do and if they do, then so be it, surely it is their choice?

Rumour has it that Evan Harris, abortion and assisted death zealot, is applying huge pressure to the office of Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. That would be the no longer an elected MP Evan Harris.  It would appear that he believes he has immense influence on Government policy, more influence than elected Liberal Democrat MPs even.

 I am led to believe that this story in the Guardian originated from him.

I am quite sure that the office of the DPM would like to have a little more information about what the public thinks before it tried to apply pressure on No10 to put the brakes on an amendment which has such huge support amongst women. When I say women, I don’t include those who write for the Guardian, obviously. Nick Clegg may also like to hang fire awhile and see what else pops up in the papers over the next few days. I can assure him, it will be far more interesting than anything Evan Harris has to say.

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