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Guardian lies...
Posted Thursday, 1 September 2011 at 22:12


Today, The Royal College of Psychiatrists published research by American academic Priscilla Coleman, in the British Journal of Psychiatry which shows that women who abort are twice as likely to develop mental health problems

And Com Res published their polling of MPs to find out who supports the option of counselling for women by independent counsellors, who have no financial interest in the outcome of the woman’s decision. The poll shows that figure to be 92%

The question is, will MPs do in public what they say in private?

I am sick to death of the Guardian lies.
This article is based on my amendment forcing women to seek counselling. How often do we need to say that the counselling is an offer, its up to the woman if she accepts it?

It's a shame the Guardian doesn't mention that the Bpas central London clinic has one hour per week allocated for counselling. It's on a Wednesday at 2pm. Miss it and you have to wait another week. Women deserve better than that.

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