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Posted Friday, 2 September 2011 at 08:20
I have been profiled by the award winning Alice Thompson in the Times. The same Alice Thompson whose husband wrote in Vogue about how much he enjoyed going with her to buy her dresses from the Chloe and Stella McCartney fashion houses.

She gets a few things wrong. I said two babies under the age of six months were available for adoption last year, not two children as she wrote. You would think it wouldn't be too difficult for a journalist who knows her Vera Wang to listen to a tape would you?

The first thing she emphasised as she walked through my door was that she didn't use her double barrelled surname name. Did I ask? Did I even know she had a double barrelled name? I have to admit, I was disappointed when I met her. I waited with anticipation for haute couture to waft through my door, instead I greeted emaciated Gap.

She writes that I live in Harlington. I don't live in Harlington. I suppose when you leave the family pile in Devon via Notting Hill and head for the suburbs it can be a bit confusing.

I don't remember sitting a Mensa test when she interviewed me, but I did fail to recognise some of the grand works of psychoanalytical babble by unknown authors which she quoted at me. And I also couldn't even begin to compete when it came to the number of my friends who were married to famous people. Maybe I didn't look as impressed as I should have?

She said my face was as creased as my top. Cruel, but possibly fair. Not a comment I would ever make about another woman. She finishes off by saying that women don't agree with me. Interesting, I didn't spot the poll analysis anywhere in the article and so I am not sure how she knows that. Unless of course she's talking about the women in her very privileged 2% who chat at the prep school gate?

Of course, the fact is that if Alice Thompson ever needed counselling she would buy it from Harley St, I'm sure she uses her double barrelled surname then. But the amendment isn't about the likes of Alice. It's about the women who can't pick up the phone and ask a darling friend for the details of her therapist.

I'm not sure Alice Thompson had ever been into an 'ordinary' home before mine. I almost caught her looking down he nose as she was led through the kitchen. She was right about a lot of things. Yes, I was in a mess, I had just moved house a few days before. Yes, she is right. I was exhausted, I have worked every day throughout the summer. I haven't had a holiday and I had injured my leg. Alice can say all those things knowing her cleaner is washing her kitchen floor as she writes, her gardener cutting the grass and the nanny feeding her kids.

Whilst Alice thinks it's ok from behind veneer of privilege for women to be twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems as a result of the abortion process, I will keep on trying to do something about it.

Oh, and Alice, darling, there comes an age where it's just not ok to wear your hair long and in the style of a sixteen year old and you sweetie, passed it some time ago. 

Ouch! I didn't even like writing that.. I could never be a journalist.

Update; Whoops, I wish I had read this first.. Alice Thompson the plagarist.. at least all my work Alice, is my own.

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