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Posted Sunday, 4 September 2011 at 10:42
There are so many links to so many articles in the press today regarding the amendment, that the best way to access them is via ConservativeHome

I have just finished Sunday Morning Live and will be doing a spot of Kevin Maguire on LBC shortly. That should be fun given the totally impartial, non partisan kind of guy Kevin is.
It has been fascinating over the last week to study the various types of reporting and I will be writing more about this later in the week, however, basically, it has been the Guardian and Times against, the Mail and Telegraph for.

The Times and Guardian played the woman, not the ball. They used commentators who spent their entire time trying to diminish me personally. I have been described as rumpled, have let myself go, a mess, having a face as creased as my top and so on. And that was from the feminists.

The right wing press stuck to the issue.

Christina Odone's pice in the Sunday Telegraph is a great analysis of the last week
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