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Dr Death and the Central London Clinic
Posted Sunday, 4 September 2011 at 16:49
Dr Evan Harris, also know by most Parliamentarians (even those on his own side!) as Dr Death, due to his zealous interest in things to do with death, ie, assisted suicide and abortion - and he truly is a zealous campaigner on such things, has mis-informed Nick Clegg.
The basis of his argument to Nick Clegg when instructing him to instruct the Prime Minister to remove his support, was that there is no evidence of a problem with Bpas or lack of counselling and therefore the status quo should remain.

The Bpas Central London Clinic allocates one hour per week for counselling. Not one hour per person, that's one lone hour for everyone.

When questioned by a journalist this week with regard to this (more to follow in the press) Bpas commented that anyone who needed counselling and was having an abortion at the Central London Clinic could wait until the following week, or travel to Richmond where they have another clinic. 

So, imagine this - you find out you are pregnant, you are in a panic, it is a crisis, you have little money or support, you are only sixteen years old and at school, you are vomiting every morning and half of the day, you are scared out of your wits, you don't want to tell your parents yet and don't know what to do, you have never even been inside a hospital without your Mum. You go to the GP and he referes you to Bpas. You tell Bpasyou are usure what to do and would like to talk to someone and you are told to get on your bike and travel to Richmond because the only hour for a clinic with the largest thru put of abortions has been taken don't even know where Richmond is.

This is the status Quo that Nick Clegg told David Cameron should remain and that there wasn't a problem.

Nick Clegg has decided that it wrong for a GP to offer a pregnant woman independent counselling if she would like to have it. Not compulsory, just an offer. That sixeen year old would bite his hand off. But it would appear that Nick Clegg is against every young woman who needs counselling having the chance of that.


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