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Time for a referendum on our relationship with the EU
Posted Monday, 19 September 2011 at 10:56

In the past few weeks we have witnessed an escalation in terms of the number of backbench Conservative MPs who are voicing their Eurosceptic opinion.

Just for the record, I am impressed with the Redwood option. However, I am very definitely one of those calling for a referendum as backbench MP and secretary of the 1922 committee Mark Pritchard has done in today’s Daily Telegraph.

We have also witnessed letters to the press from Chris Heaton Harris et al and a meeting of over 120 MPs called last week and led by George Eustice.

The fact is however, that the European Union Bill passed through Parliament months ago and the most radically Eurosceptic amendments laid down by Mark Reckless and others were rejected in a whipped vote.

How strong and resolute would those who attended the meeting be if the Bill suddenly came back to the house today I wonder? I confess here and now, I was whipped.

The danger ahead lies in the variety of opinions and lack of united purpose among MPs. The number of options and scenarios which will demonstrate a Eurosceptic vein running through the soul of each individual MPs provides the Eurphiles with hope.

Without one single purpose for MPs to unite around, debates, discussions, meetings, amendments and articles in the press will abound to no avail as the only possible outcome of such a wealth of voiced and written opinion can only be procrastination.

A call for a referendum is understood. It is a clear and unambiguous objective.

The debate and discussion can then focus on the questions posed. Here the Redwood option can have its day, as can that of the Better Off Out brigade and indeed, the Lib Dems could have their own option of closer intergration and a commitment to continually increase the number of taxpayer's pounds we send abroad to prop up the failing economies of countries where the entire population pops back to bed for the afternoon.

The time for all backbench Tory MPs to start pushing for a referendum is now. Not at conference where such meetings will be tolerated, but back in Westminster when Parliament resumes and conference is forgotten. Westminster is the kitchen and we backbenchers will have to turn up the heat to get what we want.

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