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Tim Farron - outed
Posted Tuesday, 20 September 2011 at 14:45

I have been sent this from a friend on Twitter.


"Tim Farron discussing his Christian faith, says its not why he abstained on Dorries issue - instead cos it was "bonkers" & "aggressive"

Other Lib Dem MPs voted for it.

However, it is a really interesting statement and I'm sorry to have to do this to Tim, but he is not being entirely truthful, either to himself or the faith he professes to have.

Tim also didn’t vote to reduce the upper abortion limit in 2008, even though he said he would.  He was strangely absent when the time for the vote arrived. He didn’t go into the lobby with braver Lib Dem MPs like Sarah Teather and John Pugh. Tim disappeared into the night.

During my ten minute rule bill on teaching abstinence as part of sex education lessons I spoke to Tim because he’s a Christian and a member of Christians in Parliament. I asked for his support and this is what he said-

“I can’t Nadine, it’s a bit different now that I'm President. I really have to be careful and think of my new position first”. I was slightly puzzled. We do conviction politics a little more seriously over on our side of the House.

Tim Farron, puts being President/ potential leader of the Lib Dems before his faith.

Given his voting record on faith issues, some may assume his comment regarding the amendment is a cynical lie. Others may assume that Tim has been plotting to become the Lib Dem leader for quite some time and that his faith may simply be a vehicle of convenience.

Tim is playing to the left. The left are strongly pro-abortion and Tim knows this. Some with a stronger faith than Tim may say he’s been blinded by ambition and sold his soul to the devil.

I would describe him as a typical Lib Dem.

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