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Miss Popularity....not
Posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011 at 10:43

This little gem has just popped up on Twitter;

Mark Pack
Most popular MP at ? Nadine Dorries getting very regular, very positive references for her PMQs contribution.

I wonder if whoever is making the very regular, very positive references could add a little post script? it goes like this;

Nadine Dorries wants a referendum on EU membership very soon, to stop right now sending English £s to support failing European economies, to introduce a Bill of Rights, to scrap the Human Rights Act, to lower overall taxation in order to stimulate growth, to cut harder and faster on public services in order to reduce spending, to bring the upper limit at which abortion takes place down to 20 weeks, to remove Local Authority control over education, to free the NHS from Whitehall and to open up free market provision within the NHS, to dramatically reduce inward immigration, to embrace our special relationship with the USA, to make prison mean hard work and life to mean life, to increase our defence budget and support our troops, and she believes Green taxes are damaging to elderly people who can barely afford to heat their homes.
There, *rubs hands together and dusts self down* that should do it.
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