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The green freeze
Posted Sunday, 9 October 2011 at 11:20

Some may have noticed, I’ve not been George Osborne’s biggest fan lately but if this(£) is true, he’s bang on the money and one can only hope he's dragging his feet because of the effect on domestic fuel prices.

For those who don’t have any direct contact with pensioners, here’s how many of my older constituents manage their winter months; they go to the Co-op/ Nisa/Londis each week with a plastic card and have put onto the card how much they can afford to spend on heating their house that week.

At home, next to the meter, they have a piece of paper onto which they write down the meter numbers and then they put the card into the meter.

One gentleman I visited recently worked out he could afford enough gas to heat his home for one and a half hours each evening. Before he goes to bed, he writes down the meter numbers again. When the weather is really bad he will go to the library, just to keep warm and wander around the shops but he can’t afford to buy tea or coffee because it’s over two pounds a cup.

An estimated five million people live in fuel poverty.

Further investment in renewable green energy is only something which can be afforded when we know our pensioners aren’t going to become hypothermic in the process.

Maybe No10 would like to switch off the heating on the coldest day of the year, just so that they can feel what it’s like to be a pensioner living in Britain, and then let’s see if they are quite as enthusiastic about further investment in renewable energy. In fact, I think we should all insist that they do it for a week, so that they can really understand.

It would appear that the yellow hand of the Liberal Democrats is resting on David Cameron’s shoulder once again.

On another note re today’s press, it would appear that Quentin Letts is right. Boris and I really are the only two Conservatives who don’t need a surname.  

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