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Liam Fox and HIGNFY
Posted Monday, 10 October 2011 at 09:30
Having just finished a radio interview with BBC West Midlands, it's time to head back to parliament.

Whilst I was waiting I read an article about about how much the BBC pay MPs for appearances. A couple of weeks ago I turned down HIGNFY for the fourth time; however, I did notice a line which read 'a fee is paid of £1,500' - It would have to be £15,000 for me to agree to that!

Dr Liam Fox has had a torrid weekend. I, along with the MPs who know him to be a good and decent man, will be in the chamber to lend him our support. Politics is the nastiest business in which people can make up any amount of nonsense and baseless lies they wish and the press report it.

It is difficult to identify the substance behind the accusations against Dr Fox. During these situations the chamber resembles a bear pit as the opposition smell blood and the prize of a scalp. This afternoon Liam will fight for his political life. We will - metaphorically speaking - put our arms around his shoulders, but it's up to him.

The House of Commons is no place for the squeamish.
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