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Posted Thursday, 20 October 2011 at 10:27
Here is a list of the MPs who have so far signed the motion for a EU referendum.

During one short foray into the library yesterday, I learnt of at least another five who will be voting but who haven't signed 'up front'.

Readers may notice that there isn't a single LibDem signature on that list. I suppose we shouldn't expect one, given the Liberal Democrats are the party of further EU integration and advocated Britain joining the single currency.

Yes Mr Clegg, Hughes, Cable, Campbell, Hune et al, I'm talking about you.

And of course, one isn't likely to see a LibDem name on that list because the LibDems have very few activists. Those they have retained are probably the EU fanatics who would be horrified to see one of their own MPs calling for a referendum.

This list separates the men from the boys and the British people will find the Lib Dems wanting, yet again.
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