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Posted Friday, 21 October 2011 at 14:35
I have to admit to being utterly horrified and sickened by the coverage given to Gaddafi's last minutes.

We need to know he is dead and rightly so, but as a civilised nation are we really the kind of people who wish to gorge on the repeated, ghoulish, violent photographs and film footage? Is this a male/female thing? Is it men posting the pictures and writing the bulletins?

In a room full of women this morning with Sky on in the background, one woman commented, 'can we turn this off? It’s making me feel sick'. Me too! We complain about the BBC showing an assisted suicide but display this violence on every news channel all day.

I am no apologist for Gadaffi and I regret his death only because I believe he should have stood trial and been punished accordingly, even if that meant death by Libyan law. But what is happening on British TV is breaking new boundaries and when all the testosterone has ebbed down, I hope someone will ask questions.
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