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Traitors to the left of me...not traitors to the right
Posted Saturday, 22 October 2011 at 12:32

If I or any other Conservative MP had hoped for a quiet weekend it’s not going to happen.

It could have happened. Monday’s vote on a referendum could have been a damp squib.  It could have been one of those necessary vehicles backbenchers need to jump on every now and then to yell across the street to No. 10 “Oi, we're still here, don’t forget about how our voters feel when you're gadding about first class on the Eurostar, eating Sarkozy’s legs and sucking Merkel's face’ (I’ve borrowed the Merkel’s face bit from another MP on the phone this morning).

If Cameron had just ignored the motion and left the issue as a free vote, possibly fifty or so of us would have trundled through the lobby, kicking sleeping journalists on the way out so that they wake up and notice. It’s not what we want mind you. We want a referendum and we want it now, but we backbenchers are smart enough to know that we need a Prime Minister who isn’t shackled by the pro Euro Lib Dems, who wants it to happen too for any chance of success.

We have a new adviser in No. 10, Julian Glover, formerly of the Guardian.  Given that the Guardian is George Osborne and No11's favourite newspaper to leak and brief to (he thinks no one is clever enough to notice) one has to wonder who is pulling the strings of that particular adviser. Cameron also has Danny Finklestein (for whom I have the greatest respect) and Andrew Cooper, both visitors to the SDP graveyard advising him. I shan’t say any more about the SDP, there is a reason they are in the graveyard.

And then there’s Nick Clegg. Mad again, as usual. Stropping his stuff around No. 10, looking for ways to be noticed and refusing to support even a compromise amendment from the Prime Minister's former aide turned MP, George Eustace.

You have to feel sorry for the Prime Minister.  Traitors to the left of him, or the court of King George as I think Nicholas Watt of the Guardian describes it, and traitors to the far left in the form of Nick Clegg and the arch Europhile Liberal Democrats.

Prime Minister, there are only two people whose advice you can trust when dealing with the Parliamentary Party: the Chief Whip and Ed Llewellyn. 

One watches your back, the other the chamber. Tell the Chief to drop the whipping on Monday to a one line vote because if you don’t it will haunt you forever. You only need to pick up the phone to the man who loved peas to confirm that one.

You also need to listen to your backbenchers in a way which involves a bit more from you than just drinks in the garden, a dazzling smile and basking in the warmth of those who heap praise upon you waiting for a phone call and a job. Your backbenchers represent the core of your party; ignore both at your peril.

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