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Who will lead the 81?
Posted Monday, 31 October 2011 at 14:13

Before I expound on this any further, let me list the sequence of events which have led me to ask this question;

. Emails and letters thanking me for voting for the referendum are still flowing into my office, possibly as a result of the weekend media.

. The media constantly identify us as the amorphous ‘81’.

. Conservative Home has led this morning on a survey of Tory members, the results of which are staggering and if this hasn’t shaken No 10 to its very foundation it should do.

. This article by Nick Clegg in Sunday’s Observer in which he very clearly throws down the gauntlet to the ‘81’

. Today’s Sun newspaper which compares Cameron and the Euro to Neville Chamberlain’s ‘peace in our time’

. David Cameron’s subtle shift in tone on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday. Last week he made a very firm statement that he had made a request to Whitehall officials that they look to see which powers can be repatriated from Europe back to the UK. On Marr he said, when pushed, that we are in a coalition. He commented that the LibDems wanted to see some re balancing too. They do. It’s just in the opposite direction to the 81.

. George Osborne’s statement to the house last week which deployed the use of smoke and mirrors, something Oliver Letwin taught me to watch out for in a Chancellor and something Gordon Brown was particular good at. In his statement George announced his intention to increase our contribution to the IMF which we know will be used to bail out the basket cases of Europe as they fall, Greece first, then Portugal, Spain and Italy. 

Given the above and much more, I believe we 81 need to be organised and led. We need to form a caucus to act as a lever against the influence of the Lib Dems who make up 7% of parliament and who are totally out of touch with the people of Britain. As I commented in the Observer, the fact that they are out of touch with the vast majority of British voters may give us a clue as to why the vast majority don’t vote Lib Dem in an election.

We have plenty of contenders amongst the ‘81’ to choose from: Davis, Fox, the two brave MPs who resigned their PPS positions in order to vote and some very bright individuals in the 2010 intake. 

As Conservatives we have a duty to represent the British public in a responsible manner. Without us Cameron has no leverage against Clegg and, given how Clegg has behaved over the weekend, the PM needs and deserves our help.

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