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Regime Change
Posted Monday, 14 November 2011 at 10:54


I have been baffled this weekend about the lack of outrage with regard to the behaviour of Angela Merkel and Sarkozy and their behind the scenes game playing in bringing about regime change in both Italy and Greece.

BBC Newsnight journalist Paul Mason was the first to alert us to the goings on during yet another round of Euro crisis meetings. Merkel supposedly personally telephoned the finance ministers of Italy and Greece ordering that they remove their respective premiers, Papandreou and Berlusconi and that they be replaced with two technocrats.

Whilst the phone calls were taking place, visible outward demonstrations of sneering, lip curling and behaviour which remsebled an out of control bullying schoolground where aimed in the direction of the Greek and Italian Prime Ministers in order to ridcule them both in front of the worlds assembled cameras at the G20, a spectacle aimed specifically at the citizens of both Italy and Greece.  The subtext being, ‘they’re an embarassment to you, we will replace them’.

Papandreou had had the temerity to suggest a referendum and that the people of Greece should be given a say in their financial future. Germany, the top dog at the economic table of Europe, has made demands which have reduced Greece and Italy to nothing more than compliant partners in the attempt to save Germany from its own paranoid fear of inflation.

Is this what the eurozone amounts to then, a group of seventeen countries who surrender their democratic rights and are controlled by Germany and France? 

Boris has an article in today’s Telegraph which is briliantly readable and hints at what may be the difficulties ahead.

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