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Right to Buy Returns
Posted Monday, 21 November 2011 at 17:29
Less well off families need stability and continuity to flourish and survive in exactly the same way that well off families do.

Familiarity of surroundings, continuity through the school education system, the slow and steady harnessing of friends in the community, attachment to community organisations such as churches, scouts, brownies etc all provide what are generally known as ‘roots’.

Not so long ago I was a vociferous opponent of our policy to challenge those who over occupy council house accommodation once families have left and moved on. My unhappiness was based on the fact that a family home has huge emotional attachment and it doesn’t matter if it’s a castle or a council house, the principle is still the same- if someone has raised a family in a council house and lovingly tendered the property and been a good neighbour then those tenants have earned the right to remain.

I am delighted with the announcement of our re-opening of the ‘right to buy’ scheme’ allowing council tenants to buy their homes and using the money raised to reinvest in building more homes.

As a beneficiary of that policy last time there was a Conservative Government and witnessing the impact it had on the council estate I lived on, I believe that there is no other single policy which does more to raise aspiration, foster pride and encourage social mobility.

We live in a society which is paralysed by a poverty of aspiration amongst those struggling to visualise a way forward. Until now there has been nothing to lift anyone up and out of a hopeless poverty trap.  That’s about to change.
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