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Mail on Sunday and blog closing
Posted Sunday, 4 December 2011 at 11:08

Two links to the Mail on Sunday. The first is my own article (scroll down the page) re the 5.2% pay increase to the long term unemployed and the fact that this was a Lib Dem proposal. The Liberal Democrats also had the 1bn increase in working tax credit claimed by hard working parents scrapped in order that Nick Clegg could have a ‘policy’ to call his own re youth unemployment. The money had to come from somewhere so he took it from the hands of those who work to feed their children, in order that he could have pictures of himself beamed into kitchens at tea time looking earnest alongside a group of teenagers. That’s how desperate and shallow the Deputy Prime Minister is folks, just in case you hadn’t noticed already.

In the Sunday Times, which is behind a paywall, the statesman, Iain Duncan Smith vows to reverse the 5.2% hike.

The second article is about a rude councillor who has been suspended from his council for his offensive Twitter comments about Rob Halfon, that’s the MP who has pushed the Government to reverse its decision of a fuel duty hike and myself, who wants vulnerable women to be offered independent counselling before an abortion. Good to see Waveney council maintaining high standards.



I will very shortly be closing my blog down and using wider outlets for comment. My new web site to record parliamentary work only will be up and running as parliament returns following the Christmas break.

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