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Newsnight and the EU summit
Posted Thursday, 8 December 2011 at 14:12

Following Newsnight last night I have been encouraged by the support my office has received today in the form of telephone calls and emails from people who are desperate that their voice is heard. One gentleman who called told a member of my staff that I had spoken on behalf of the party’s ‘grassroots’ members.

There is much hype regarding David Cameron’s visit to Europe this weekend. The visit will be hailed as a success as the PM will return having defeated any attempt to impose a ‘robin hood’ or transaction tax upon the City. In reality this shouldn't be a difficult outcome to achieve as it only requires a simple 'No'.

He will also attempt to bring back a guarantee for British business to protect our interest as a result of the 17 single currency countries forming a stronger fiscal union. In effect, they will become one country.

But anyone who believes that the seventeen countries will not act in some covert, protectionist way in order to support the new ‘union’ is sadly mistaken.

Southern European countries already have a healthy and inherent disregard for any European regulation and are notorious for doing their own thing. There is a strong attitude of ‘so what? Take us to court and be dammed'.

This is why no guarantee will work. Merkel cannot provide a guarantee to override the cultural habits of half a continent.

I have no doubt that the PM will return with some form of a guarantee for Britain as the last thing Merkel wants is a referendum in Britain. If Britain succumbs, other countries may follow suit and the effect such an event would have on the markets would be damaging for Germany. After all, it’s all about Germany.

A fiscal union of 17 EU members forming one new country and in effect a new trading block will have huge implications for Britain and British business.

It's time we gave the British people their say via a referendum. 

The next two days will test the Prime Minister's courage and skills. If he misses this opportunity to grasp the nettle and give the British People their say, they may eventually make him pay with the one vote they will have.

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