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Proposed Traveller Sites in Mid-Beds
Posted Monday, 11 February 2013 at 09:42
Yesterday morning I attended and spoke at a public meeting in Flitton village hall regarding the two proposed gypsy and traveller sites in the village up for consideration and consultation.

Also speaking at the meeting were Central Bedfordshire Council Leader, James Jameison, Parish Councillor Nick Thompson. The meeting was chaired by Simon Sadler.

Over 250 residents attended the meeting and some very pertinent issues were raised. The proposed sites are in an area with poor public transport, no accessible employment, over-subscribed schools and nowhere near health care services.

A number of villages in my constituency are proposed sites and all are equally unsuitable.

My suggestion was that the three Bedfordshire councils work in partnership to find sites which are appropriate and close to facilities and end the madness of small villages being imposed upon.

The response I got back was that Bedford and Luton don't have the same problem as rural Mid Beds, as travellers simply don't want to live there.

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